Special Features
Easily Make Accurate Bends: Using the digital LED screen and scroll wheel, the Digi-Bender features the ability to pre-set the desired bend angle, resulting in a precise and repeatable bend with each use. Capable of bending angles up to 190 degrees.
No Need for Expensive Elbow Fittings: With the capability of field-bending tubing on the fly, store-bought elbows are no longer needed.
Fewer Brazes = Fewer Leaks: By taking full advantage of field-bending, multiple bends can be made in a single stick of copper tubing. Each field-bent elbow eliminates (2) brazes associated with traditional elbow fittings. Fewer brazed joints reduces the potential for leaks.
Proper Bend Radius: The bend radii of the back-formers have been designed to keep the resulting elongation of the tubing well under the minimum manufactured elongation specification of 25% for Half-Hard (H55) copper tubing.
Bends the Most Common ACR Type-L Copper Tube Sizes: Included back-formers and bending-shoes sizes are 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8”, 1-1/8”, and 1-3/8”.
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