Special Features
Bendable Quality: Outside Diameter and Wall Thickness per ASTM B280 ACR Type-L, except H55 temper allows field bending and swaging.
Field Bendable: Eliminates factory made elbows and allows for field bent changes of direction.
Field Swageable: Eliminates purchased couplings and two brazes per coupling; requires only a single braze for each swaged joint.
Cleaned and Plugged: All straight lengths are cleaned, eddy current tested, and plugged per ASTM B 280.
Fewer Leak Opportunities: By eliminating one brazed joint per coupling and eliminating field brazed elbows, the potential number of leak points is greatly reduced.
Compatible on-site Storage: Straight Lengths are 19' long to allow complete closure of job site containers.
Availability: Reftekk offers availability of bendable straight length ACR as a standard offering instead of special order.
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