Special Features
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Fewer Leaks: Brazing rings provide high filler penetration in the joint, reducing the amount of voids and leaks when compared to hand-fed brazing rod.
Repeatable: The brazed joint is visibly complete when the filler protrudes around the full circumference of the outside of the joint. This gives the operator a repeatable visual indicator of a completed brazed joint.
Simple Brazing Process: The brazing ring is inserted inside the joint prior to heating, freeing one of the operator’s hands and eliminating the guesswork of how much brazing rod to use.
Reduces Brazing Material: Preformed rings provide the right amount of filler material for each size connection, eliminating guesswork resulting in reduced material costs.
Double Fillets: Fillets form on both the inside and outside of the brazed joint, indicating full-depth filler penetration. This results in a consistently high-quality connection as opposed to the questionable penetration depth when hand-feeding brazing rod.