Special Features
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High-Strength Insulating Support: Cush-A-Therm is a rigid insulating pipe support that resists compressing or crushing from active-piping system loads.
Proper Tubing Mount: Cush-a-Therm allows the piping system to expand and contract without inducing additional stresses associated with hard-mounting.
Fire Response: Self-extinguishing through 2-1/2" thick per ASTM D 635.
Metal Hanger Strap included: The properly-sized unistrut style metal hanger clamp is pre-packaged with the Cush-A-Therm for simple and easy installation.
Easy to Install: Cush-a-Therm features a split-seal and over-lap seal with peel-off adhesives for a quick and simple installation.
Prevents Condensation: The supports’ insulating properties help prevent condensation from forming on the tubing surface.
Water Vapor Barrier: The internal and external EPDM layer provides a water-proof and vapor-proof seal.
UV and Weather Resistant: All components are UV and Weather resistant, requiring no protective paint.